Hey, a potential client just said they were feeling “pumped” when asked so we’re going with it. They definitely said it with an explanation point. Just one though.

kinda bummed

We went to attend Champs, the premiere counterculture b2b expo since 1999 (that’s not our description), at the Las Vegas Convention Center and they wouldn’t let us in. Apparently “creative services” is on a short-list of businesses that aren’t allowed entry without prior registration. Now if it wasn’t literally 4 minutes directly East on a side-street from our house, and parking wasn’t free, and we didn’t get a chance to ride the LV Loop, we would be way more than “kinda bummed.” But, we totally understand. From the other side of security it looked like there were some impressive booth setups and the people strolling out seemed generally satisfied so, that’s actually our description. We’re looking forward to the next one. We’ll just have to change our business model.

pretty good

We’re feeling pretty good about getting this website up. One of the first things we did as an agency was rebrand (ok, maybe the second thing). Once we realized that accessibility needed to drive our brand and message, it was pretty clear that the current iteration of Favorly was way off course. We’re using Web Accessibility to guide our brand. If we can’t be seen or heard by a bunch of people then we can’t help. Still a lot to learn and do but we’re feeling pretty good about where the updates are headed.